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Native bees

Hi everyone - does anyone know how to attract native bees to nest (or hive or whatever you call it) in our yard? We had a hive of them (they arrived spontaneously in one of our self-watering pots) and we dithered about pulling out the plant and covering the pot to let them have unfettered access, and then it rained (it POURED) and the poor things got too wet and left. We felt quite guilty. We loved having them there but have never had another native bee hive. Any suggestions?

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Hi Meave, there is a website dedicated to Australia's native bees which thanks to you I have just been reading - it has a lot of information about attracting and identifying native bees. Here it is [link=]aussie bees[/link] - it may be of interest to you.

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Thanks qyn - I have added that site to 'favourites'and will have a good look at it when I have lots of time to enjoy.


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Hi Meave, just adding to the website mentioned by qyn55, I've been encouraging native sedges in damp areas on our place as I understand they provide good breeding places for native bees. Rock & tree crevices are good places for hives but, like a lot of other native creatures, Aussie bees are usually swamped by the more aggressive European honey bee.
I've seen native blue-banded bees feeding on the flowers of Eremophilas & black anther flax lily Dianella revoluta. I'm not suggesting you plant these if they're not indigenous to where you live but it demonstrates that there are flowers which will attract native bees. Also, I'm confident I've seen other native bees on Eucalyptus flowers.
I find it exciting that you're looking at the whole of your ecology. Good luck with your project.

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