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RIP Heva1

It has been my privilege to share a friendship with Heather (Heva1) over the last two years after a birding outing shared together and organised through this forum.
Some of you may be aware that she shared the fact that she was dealing with cancer earlier this year. Unfortunately, Heather lost her battle on Friday after what can only be described as a valiant and inspirational battle. Her adventures over the last year have been incredible in the face of her illness and she still found the time to post some shots and contribute here with her amazing zest for life. The cyber waves will be sadly quiet without her wit and inspiration. I asked her to give details of her recent trip which she gladly shared ..... and now all I can say is rest in peace Hev, you will be missed by all who knew you.


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Aw Birdie, I am sorry to read this. I have not been here long enough to know Heather or that she was ill but I have read some of her posts. Her Ningaloo reef and top end trips were great posts and had wonderful photos. When she mentioned the bucket list, I did not realise this was other than a line from a movie.

RIP Heva O^), I wish I had known you better. Condolences to her family, friends and also to you, Birdie.

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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This is so sad, from her posts you would never have known how ill she was. How brave and an inspiration to us all. RIP indeed Heva.


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I am so saddened to read this, I had no idea. Thank you for letting us know birdie. I enjoyed reading her wonderful posts and seeing her photos.

Please pass on my condolences, and those of BIBY, to her family.



We are saddened to hear this terrible news, our thoughts had been with Heather ever since we heard of her battle.
May she rest in peace.

Vale Heather.

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I never met Heather, I have only seen some photos of her, looking so radiant and happy on her wedding day. She looked so full of life, and I think she enjoyed every minute she had left . And she shared the beautiful photos with all of us here only a few weeks ago.Thanks Heather, we will miss you! Marie-Louise


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So sad to hear. Such a brave thing to continue with normal life. RIP Heather.

Cheers, Owen.


Well said Birdie, Hev was a valued contributor to this site.
Despite her illness she kept on going as though nothing was wrong. If I was asked to name a person who has been one of my greatest inspirations in terms of positivity, Hev would be my No 1 choice.
Hev you will be greatly missed to all who knew you, your sense of humour was wicked and your attitude towards life and all thats in it was outstanding.
It was a pleasure to have known you.
Rest in Peace my friend.

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birdie so sorry it is a big lose for you and her family.

hev thank you for the great pics .

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Gosh, I have just found out.

R.I.P Heather. The world is a much emptier place without you. :-(

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Birdie, I just read your post on the 'Best Photos' section which directed me here. I am deeply saddened by this news. Her contribution to this site will be missed.


Melbourne, VIC

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As one of the older members of BIBY, I had the good fortune to share pics and comments with Hev. She was one of my favorite people on here: unfailingly positive, cheerful, friendly, supportive and courteous. I will miss her a lot.
I would like to offer my condolences to her family and friends.

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Deepest sympathies for her family and friends.
Thank you for sharing your love of birds and love of travelling through your lovely posts and pictures. Thank you for bringing such a positive vibe to the forum. You are a highly valued member of the community and I feel privileged to meet such an inspirational person.
Sorry about the belated response. Thank you for everything Heather, R.I.P. You will be greatly missed.


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