Rainy day in Brisbane

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Rainy day in Brisbane

Hi Guys, I wasn't sure where to post this, it isn't a Best Photo contestant.

I build and sell wind chimes, every one loves them:

especially when we have had 110mm of rain in 24Hrs,

and by late afternoon the whole back deck was really popular.


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That's so sweet Vernj. we have had so much rain that the birds everywhere must be waterlogged.
This morning here on the Sunshine Coast I was in a meeting at 8.00am and it was pelting down. Under the eaves outside sheltering from the rain was a pair of pied butcher birds . they made so much noise together that we had to get the speaker to talk loudly !! It was very funny and everyone loved hearing it. they were joined by a noisy miner but it couldn't get a word in edgeways!!


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