Sea Eagles at Penrith ???

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Sea Eagles at Penrith ???

Hello, i use to live out Penrith way and take my dogs rowing with me on the Nepean river once a week, I always found a pair of sea eagles flying up & down the river looking for fish i would say, Just wondering as i found it strange that they would be around fresh water, i saw them over a period of ten years, last week i was travelling over the Nepean river on the M4 When i spotted one, I was surprised to see one still in the arera after all this time, is it common to find Sea Eagles so far from the Coast ???


Not exactly uncommon,they cover most of inland NSW according to my Field Guides habitat mapand alot of inland territory on the east side of the country, it also says on the areas they live in: Large rivers, fresh and saline lake, reserviors, costal seas and islands. Still nice to see though :D

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