Something Funny, I thought.

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Something Funny, I thought.

I heard a baby koel calling out to it's 'parent' last week.
Watching out to see who the 'parent' would be, I noticed it was an common myna bird.
Well I thought "that's funny!"
One 'pest' is being looked after by another.
I have seen other birds being parents to koels before & feel very sorry for them, especially when the 'parent' was less than half the size of the koel. The poor 'parent' was soooo busy madly looking for food for 'their' huge 'baby'.

Just had to share & hope others will find the humour in my observation too.

Cheers from Green :-)

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That's quite cute Green, I can just imagine the feeding schedule! Apparently this sort of 'adoption' happens quite a bit, but I haven't been lucky enough to witness it first hand.

Thanks for sharing :)

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