Tme out for a laugh

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Tme out for a laugh

Guys came across this on the web,hope you think its as funny as i did.. Cheers Raoul

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Well guys looks like i'm the only one with a sense of humour. Sad.

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Yeah, I reckon so.

...or maybe some people have seen it a million times before... or maybe some people chuckled and didn't bother to reply... or maybe some people haven't got around to seeing it yet... or maybe some people's Internet access went down just as they were about to reply and express their uproarious laughter and appreciation for all tings bird-poopy... or maybe .... something else.

Personally, I fit into the "chuckled and didn't reply" mob.

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia


Gidday Raoul, I fit into the "chuckled and replied mob"

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I would have liked to see it in the full sequence actually!!

Just to kind of put it into perspective Raoul!! :)

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Hi Raol:

I loved it...!! thought it was hilarious and am sending a copy to a friend of mine that absolutely is super paranoid about getting shat upon.

He once was driving his car with a friend and a huge Egret flew accross the freeway and unloaded absolutely everything on his windshield. He said he and his mate had to stop the bloody car and get out cause they couldnt see through the windscreen. Then they had to clean it off!

Way way too funny I thought! Thanks for posting your pic!


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hi Raoul

Found this by may just be a bit over the top...I'm not sure what he's thinking!!!

Ed Townsville NQ

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Interesting preoccupation this guy has :)

Raoul I think you have started something here..... the mind boggles!! :^D



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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I've just caught up with your pic Raoul - hilarious! Takes a while for a new member to navigate around the site and become familiar with it. Easy to miss some postings. Love the photo!

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I see birds doing poops all the time. I wish i could get a photo of one doing it.
they usually nearly poo on me..

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hehehe what a photo. did you take it?

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