What cafes allow

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What cafes allow

Well this was obviously not a big hit in best photos...understandably .. butu I did think it was interesting that the Sunshine Coast Council will fine me about $5000 and the cafe owner $2000 if I tie my dog up near my table when having a coffee.... kinda makes you wonder what they would come up with for this kind of behaviour... the morons :(



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No I should clarify that pic Perthwings....this was taken at Mary Cairncross reserve up in the hinterland.... it is a bird/wildlife sanctuary . The cafe is on the outside of the sanctuary and these bush turkies run wild everywhere. I was being a bit smartarsed at the council's expense LOL
You wouldn't get them on the table in the suburban cafes.. but you so see heaps of them around my suburban streets.


Sunshine Coast Queensland

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...and if you can't join em, eat em!!


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