more (lots of) frogs

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more (lots of) frogs
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Crikey Ed ... that's almost “frog” over-achieving ... ;-)
What an amazing collection of images.
What a dynamic and rich environment to wave your camera around in.
As a big city dweller who occasionally gets to spend a few days outside of suburbia, I forget how depleted and skewiff the urban ecosystem is (although I suspect it is on the improve in established suburbs).

Great Images Thanks!



Unreal ed, what a great lot of pics.
Are they all at your place?

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Hi Tassie
Only the white lipped tree frog taken in my garden (Townsville), all the others except the stony creek frog (the yellow one) taken on the Townsville Towncommon. the stony creek frog was taken at Jourama falls (just south of Ingham.
Hi VJ, Glad you like them, Although I can see some changes happening in Townsville as it grows, it is still small enough that things (frogs and the like) can turn up anywhere/anytime.

Ed Townsville NQ

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Superb Ed. I agree with VernJ that our subrben life is somewhat devoid of these basic parts of nature. All I ever manage to see are cane toads by the hundred

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