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Southern Boobook

Called to this little one last night, Geeveston South of Hobart, rural property. Owner was trimming a hedge, it flew out and landed in a paddock. Appears to have right wing damage, but could not feel any obvious fracture, and has taken a knock to the head, you will note the right pupil does not match the left. Hopefuly after our bird friendly vet is finished, he will be able to be released. Only concern is the possible head injury (indicated by the pupil change) - may be temporary or could be a permanent problem. If unable to be released, will be kept in a wildlife sanctuary, and possible be involved in a captive breeding program, just have to wait and see! You can see the right wing has droped in some of the photos. Last night could not or did not want to move it, this morning was actively trying to move it.

In the Box before I checked his wing for fractures.

Perching on my hand (held gently to prvent escape and further damage)

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You should speak with a friend of mine. Craig Webb of the Raptor refuge.

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Craig Webb 0408 725 869

He is hoping to breed some Masked Owls I think this year, so he may be able to help with your boobook.

BTW, his contact details are all on the public website (in case a goodie goodie mentions breach of privacy).

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Thanks dna, Craig is also known to us, and this bird may well be rehabed with Craig. Our intructions come from Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, and initial transport is to a vet clinic for assessment. As a Bonorong FOC (friends of carers volunteer), I have transported birds both to and from the Raptor Refuge, both dead and alive (once a Brown Goshawk for autopsy) have only met Craig once, he is a very private person, but certainly knows his stuff. We also buy each year, the Raptor Refuge Calender, all proceeds go to the refuge (you would already be aware, but if others want to support it is just fantastic). Thanks again.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Hope the little guy makes a full recovery Dale - please keep us updated.

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