Spangled Drongo call?

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Spangled Drongo call?

Hi, for the last year or so I have started recording Wildlife and Nature, mainly birds. I'm very new to bird watching/listening and even with the aid of this site and my Morcombes phone app it takes me quite a while to I.D. the bird calls I record. Last spring I made some dawn recordings at Neurum Creek in the D'Aguilar National Park, the area where I recorded was sub-tropical rainforest. At approx the 5min 30sec mark in the recording there's a group of birds that I at first thought were Friars, then Bowerbirds and now, after going through Morcombes I'm thinking Spangled Drongo. I'm sure the bird is fairly common and it's identification obvious to the more experienced, but I would very much appreciate any assistance. Here's a link to the recording: Kind regards, Tony

P.S. The recording was made using a Schneider disk and is best listened to with headphones

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