Spotted Pardalote - help with chicks

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Spotted Pardalote - help with chicks

Is anybody familiar with how to care for two (what I think are) Spotted Pardalotes found in our compost bins today. I have saved two of the three and have them in their nest in a warm shoebox. Any ideas as to food and frequency of feeding? They are small fledglings with feathers - but still nest-bound. Appreciate any advice.

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You should check for a wildlife rescue service near where you live. There should be a contact in the link provided.

Not sure about the law where you live, but in Tasmania you are required to have a permit to care for most native creatures. If they are spotted pardolottes then it is important they are cared for by experts, in the hope they can later be released into the environment.

Thanks for caring and goodluck to you and the chicks.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Any thoughts on how the chicks got into the compost bin?

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Some pardalotes burrow to make nests. Maybe the thought it be a goos nest? Not knowing it was the compost bin.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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i had a couple i spotted going up the statesman exhaust pipe, i guess it was a perfect fit for a nest. i had to block it off, so the lil guys wouldn't get into a whole spot of bother building a nest in there. some were also using a hole in the side of a house, where a wood heater used to be. industrious lil guys for sure.

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I believe that they are insectivores and I know there is an insectivore mix available but that is the extent of my knowledge until I ask my daughter, the wildlfie carer. I wonder if they would go for a meal worm. Sounds like they thought the compost bin was a warm and cosy place but expect it got very hot in there!

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Did you find a wildlife fared? The Pardalotes may have been feeding on Springtails in the compost. Mealworms probably too big. Good luck

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