Spotted dove safe nesting?

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Spotted dove safe nesting?

Hi everyone, 

I'm looking for advice.  We have a pair of spotted doves nesting on our open frame balcony.  They have just started building a second nest (see photo) after the first set of nestlings perished due to adverse weather conditions - the balcony gets very windy, and the doves previously nested in the planter and were left in direct sunlight for a prolongued period of time.  

Can anyone advise on if I can intervene to create a safer nesting area?  I'd like to put up a wind barrier to protect the nest or create an enclosed home, however don't want to scare them away.  Also, the balcony floor is a grating style with large holes, and I'm concerned that any eggs would fall straight through as dove nests are very flimsy.  

Should I create a better protected nesting environment for them?  And if so, what is the best option in a short space of time (as they've started on the nest, it looks as though they may lay eggs soon).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It was very sad to see the previous nestlings perish, and I really want to avoid the same thing happening again!

Many thanks,


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Hi Joanna. You may not know that the Spotted Dove is a feral bird which takes up ecological space normally occupied by Australian pigeon or dove species. Therefore, you would do well to discourage breeding of this species so that Australian pigeon species, many of which are under severe pressure from human interference as well as competition with introduced species such as the Spotted Dove, can thrive much better & avoid extinction. 

Should you be fortunate enough to to have an Australian pigeon species nesting on your balcony do not be concerned about the flimsy appearance of the nest. These birds have evolved with this nest design over millions of years so they are in tune with what's required to ensure the survival of their species. Believe me, they're more in danger from human activities such as habitat destruction than they are from their nest design. 

All the best & thanks for your concern about birds. 

P.S. I assume you are posting from Australia & not from a location where the Spotted Dove is a native. If the latter is the case then my comments about nest flimsiness still apply! 

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