Spring coming to Leschenault Inlet

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Spring coming to Leschenault Inlet

One of my hiking areas of the Leschenault spring has been innudated with Shining Bronze and Pallid Cuckoos. Last week when it was dull and overcast , the place was swarming with the Shining Bronzes. Alas today with bright sunshine, not one to be found. Least the Pallid and plenty of locals provided an excellent display

Pallid Cuckoo 

Juvenile BSK

Rufous Whistler 

Elegant Parrott

Yellow Rumped Thornbill (???)

Singing Honeyeater

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Great set Laza. Spring has definately sprung. The Elegant Parrot would be a new one for me. Looks like a Yellow-rumped Thornbill to me.

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Thanks Dev

Yes the Elegant Parrott is a lovely little one to photograph. Tend to seem them more in the south, though fortunately there is a come of small groups living around Bunbury 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Great selection of closeups and species.

Not be having much luck lately in Perth my places seem dead at the moment. Might have to give Bunbury a visit in the near future.

Cheers Keith

Perth, West Australia

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Thanks Keith

Surprised to hear that about Perth at this time of the year.

What about Herdsman/Lake Monger ?

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well


Wonderful photos ... amazing to get such variety and quality of shots in one outing. I think the first BSK is a stunning shot. 

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Great shots Laza. Love the BSK, my favourite kite. Cheers

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Love the first BSK shot and the Elegant Parrot

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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