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Steve Parish Nature Photography

Posted with permission.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Steve Parish and seen his magnificent nature photography.  I attended one of Steve’s workshops in Melbourne last November and got so much out of it. 

I thought you might also like to know about his workshops. Steve is running a Photography Seminar in Darwin on 14th July and a photography tour in Kakadu National Park 14-19 July.  Full details can be seen at where you can also make a booking. 

My bird photography improved a great deal after doing his workshop last year and since you're into photography I'm sure you'll benefit too.

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Yes, you said so on the other thread. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.  I think Steve has done a lot for putting Australian nature imagery out there to tons of people. He's always been one of my favourite photographers and I've admired his work for years.

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