Storm Bird Behaviour

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Storm Bird Behaviour

I have been watching (and listening!) to a storm bird in a tuckeroon tree outside my window for the past few days (he/she has glossy back plumage, bright red eye) calling and calling and then yesterday what i have identified as a juvenile storm bird (thanks to Birds in Backyards) joined him/her and he/she proceeded to feed the juvenile with berries.  I thought as a parasite cuckoo, the female storm bird lays an egg in some other bird's nest, and the foster parents raise the chick?  So, question.  Once the chick is fledged and it leave the nest, is it called back to its natural parents who take over the feeding and care?  All I have found reading about these birds is that they fly back north after being raised by the foster parents.  I'm quite intrigued by this, if anyone can shed any light?

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The darker bird is a male and the motley coloured bird is a female.

He would be trying to win her over with food.

If he is lucky and wins her over, they will mate and she will lay her egg in another birds nest.

Probably either a Magpie Lark, Figbird or Friarbirds.

They will then look after the young one and it will kill or destroy the eggs of the host bird.

Hope this clears things up

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