Striated pardalote breeding

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Striated pardalote breeding

Does anyone have an explanation for Striated Pardalote chicks falling out and dying beneath their boxes ? They have successfully breed 2-3 clutches every season for at least the last ten years, however for the last 3 seasons not one chick has survived. most are found on the ground, a few have died abandoned in their boxes. They dont have any human interference or predators to disturb them. We suspect Sparrows. They harass them and sit at the opening of their nesting boxes. Our township is teeming with the bloody things. 

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Hi there, vikgerg. A few more details would be handy like where are you located?Are the boxes part of caged breeding? Or are the boxes nesting boxes placed in trees to compensate for the loss of natural nesting holes? Where are you located? 

I've noticed House Sparrows competing with Purple Crowned Lorikeets for a nesting place in the cross piece on our power line pole, So your observation about Sparrow harassment may well indicate that Sparrows are the cause of  Striated Pardalote chicks falling out  (or being tossed out) of their boxes. 

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