Striped Honeyeater

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Striped Honeyeater

After the stifling heat my local birding mecca, Eagleby Wetlands, is back in business. Took 15 species in 90 minutes last week, including this Striped Honeyeater - a first for me. In fact the first time I have seen one. Regal looking bird. Have not seen him/her since. 

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Great shots alcatraz. I like the second one showing why they are called the Striped Honeyeater. I remember seeing and hearing my first one. Now I hear them all the time where I live.

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I've only seen them once- a nice bird to get, really unique. Way out of my usual area

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Another good find ... nice shots.

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Thanks Devo, Ryu and HelloBirdy. Happy snapping!

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