Stuck Willie Wagtail

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Sebastian Mann
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Stuck Willie Wagtail

Recently There where two baby willie wag tails in my back yard, Just now they are learning to fly. One is no where to be seen wile the over one is stuck on my neibers hot roof because as it tried to fly a huge gust of wing took it.

How can I get it off the roof and to safety?

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Hi Sebastian,

How did you go with rescuing the baby Willie? Its been 4 hours since your post so I'm assuming that you already made a decision about what action to take..


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In this case non intervention is the way to go, Sebastian. The young Willie Wagtail will be guided by its wise parents if not by the heat of the tin roof.

Sebastian Mann
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Good news I guided them to their pairents and now they have gone off healthely.

I also made sure my cat was locked up the hole day.

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Great result!

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