Study finds replanting and regrowth important for bird diversity

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Study finds replanting and regrowth important for bird diversity

This study is excellent and a good finding for those trying to revegetate and protect woodland - the birds do come back. Even scrubby regrowth is good habitat for a variety of birds, not just the tall trees and national parks.

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Thanks for posting that article - really interesting! And it is great because it confirms that that middle layer that is often missing from suburbia is so vital for our birds. We need to get away from tall trees and lawn.

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Agreed, Holly. If there's a big criticism I have of the revegetation projects in my neighbourhood it's that they've concentrated very much on tall trees. The understorey is missing for the most part. I expect that native grasses & herbs will eventually colonise the projects but the middlestorey will take much longer to become established.

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And thanks for the article, Greg. I'll have a good scrutinise soon.


Thanks for posting this Greg, we are planning to move to the country soon and the property only has tall trees, so we are going to have a lot of fun planting all the low and medium shrubs and trees.

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Thanks for posting this article. It's an interesting read. I've spent the past 12 months busily planting in my yard to make sure it's got enough middle-storey to be unattractive to Noisy Miners and Starlings!



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