Stylish wattlebird

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Stylish wattlebird

I was watching the Little Wattlebirds in my backyard yesterday afternoon, and saw this fine fellow perched up on top of the Ornamental Pear tree. I'd never seen a wattlebird wearing an orange cap before! So I had to take some photos. They were quite obliging :)

At first I thought it might be a colour mutation, but now I think it's a pollen dye job. Either way, I think it looks great.

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I agree with the pollen notion, Tommy. And a fine looking Little Wattlebird with a pollen notion it is, too. 

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He looks very proud of himself doesn't he or she

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Yes, that pollen has caught me before now. Lovely pose.

Alex Rogers
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Haha, love the dye job, its Mardis Gras of course :-)  Nice shot. 

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