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Finally sorted through most of the shorebird photos ... missed getting photos of at least 3 other birds reported at the time but very hard to keep track of what you have unless you takes heaps of pictures... then you have to sort them! Really have to finish off with Christmas tomorrow albeit a very quiet day at home with just 3 of us as Sydney is still in a bit of a Covid lockdown.

a few replacements first:

56   White-plumed Honeyeater... from West Wyalong and fresh from a bath

61   Yellow-rumped Thornbill... from Lake Cargelligo

92   Great Cormorant... in company with with some Crested Terns at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach. Had not realised that I needed a better shot so incidental placement.

110   Magpie Goose ... from West Wyalong and complete with a freshwater clam attached to its toe! Will be posting an amazing encounter in a separate post under Best Photos.

209   Red Knot... at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach in much better light than the other shot but I will also include a comparison shot with the Great Knot post

210   Curlew Sandpiper... at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach... a couple of shots... the second one threw me as the bill looked much longer so had it ID'd.

211   Red-necked Stint... at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach... a much better shot than my earlier group shot

213   Southern Emu-wren... at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach... a lovely little bird. The female would not come out of the brush but the male was very cooperative.

220   Fairy Tern... at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach... hard to spot this one amongst all the Little Terns. That gap of white between bill and black through eye is the mark to pick

221   Great Knot... at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach, a couple for comparison with a Red Knot... dumpy little bird (RHS) but with a much longer bill than the Red Knot (LHS). I feel that the head looks small for the body,

222   Grey-tailed Tattler... at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach... awful shot but it was never close

No info sheet for the Great Knot!  So a Merry Christmas to all and a wish for a much better year ahead.

Oops, the Little Egret was a repeat so I have deleted it as a distant shot anyway.

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Great work Sue. Merry Christmas to you all. Stay safe, hopefully NSW can get through this latest lockdown.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Wonderful photos Sue. That Southern Emu-Wren is a knockout!

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Thanks guys. Just as I finished sorting pictures form Lake Wollumboola, another uncommon bird was reported there... back through again looking for a Long-toed Stint. Found one possibility so awaiting an ID. A fascinating place to visit but you need plenty of time and a good scope or lens was well as good light. I failed to photograph some common ones that were present... Lesser and Greater Sandplovers, Ruddy Turnstone, Pacific Golden Plover, White-winged Black Tern ... but unlikely to get back this year so maybe in the new year. On the trip north, I also missed photographing a Regent Bowerbird despite having them fly over twice as we drove. So the birds are there but the photographer was not on the ball.

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was generous. 

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Wow Sue, well done. Some absolutely amazing shots there

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Congrats on the double century Sue! And such beautiful photos as always. I love the way the male yellow-tailed black-cockatoos make so much noise, they seem to be more guarded around my place while the female just carries on about her business. I always think they are telling their partner to come back, out of harms way.

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I forgot to say how envious I am of your Emu-wren Sue. Sooo beautiful!

Alex Rogers
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Some great photos Sue, and some cool birds indeed. Love all your shorebirds - and fantastic that you are getting to know the sandpipers well, they can be really challenging. You never have quite enough lens! And the differences can be really subtle - I'd probably have passed over those Great Knots thinking they were Sharpies. 

Had to laugh at the White-plumed Honeyeater having a bath - I spent a happy 30 minutes at that little pond at West Wyalong wetland yesterday trying to catch them as they took mid-flight baths :-) I'm not stalking you, I promise - but its quite a coincidence :-)

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Thanks all.

Yes, I was very happy with the Emu-wren, Dev and managed a number of shots of the male although the female was shy. They make a high-pitched call which is quite distinctive, Alex, if you can hear it as some people cannot.

West Wyalong and Lake Cargelligo were very rewarding, Alex so good luck.

Thanks, Karen, always love the Black-cockatoos and their distinctive calls. Looking forward to more adventures from you... what a wonderful idea to encourage your son.

stay safe and welcome to the new year.


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