Superb Blue Wren Black Back

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Superb Blue Wren Black Back

The Mallacoota birdlife is recovering after the devastating firestorm.

In our garden, we have been watching the juvenile males change their plumage to the iridescent blue and black, with brown wings.

There are three pairs that have trained us to toss them sliced cheese, and as they become more confident, they come close and we can see them clearly.

One of the new adult males seems to have more black on the back.  This could be the way the wings are held below the body.

A couple of images have been uploaded.  Wrens move so fast, they are difficult to photograph.

Regardless of whether there is a Special Superb Wren, they give us great joy.

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Beautiful colours. Thanks for sharing

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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So pleased to hear that life is recovering after the fires. I suspect that the biird has fluffed out over the wings as you suggest. I have seen Red-backed Fairy-wrens show some amazing differences when doing similar in displays to the female.

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I can see that you're getting lots of enjoyment from the Superb Fairy-wrens, mills.milo.

When the sun shines on our north verandah at this time of year Ms Woko sometimes gets out her spinning wheel &, after a few rotations (from the wheel, not Ms Woko), we're delighted to see the number of birds, including Superb Fairy-wrens, which are attracted. We do worry about the possible harm done to the health of birds by feeding them food they haven't evolved with so Ms Woko's spinning skills are a wonderful alternative. 

Alex Rogers
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They are such a joy, aren;t they? I can't resist photographing them, such little jewels :-) These guys were out in their dozens at the Landing Lights Wetland in Sydney yesterday

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