Swamp Harrier ?? - very young

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Swamp Harrier ?? - very young

Today was a better day in the animal and bird rescue world (for me if not the bird anyway)

Was called to capture, assess and transport this little ?? Swamp Harrier, to my favourite vet, who shows a particular interest in native birds. We suspect it has been struck by a car.

Has a broken R) wing (I was able to detect once captured), which can be repaired, and some damage visible just to the bottom of the Cere. James (Vet), says it's wing will be repaired, and it will recover at the "Raptor Refuge", before (all going well), it will be released back into the wild. The Raptor Refuge does some amazing work with these BOP.

1st photo - in paddock before capture, following are whilst being held by me (feel privilaged to be able to hold something so precious, yet upset it was injured at all!)





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I'm not sure if this is a Swamp Harrier, and it doesn't matter to me, how beautiful is he/she heart and even better if the bird recovers and can be released. What a fantastic job you are doing. Also the person who spotted the bird and called for help.

Those eyes are stunning, thanks for some great photos.


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Appears to be an approximately one year (or so) old Brown Goshawk. If you have a photo of a set of talons it would be helpful...

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Sorry don't have any more photos, I will try and get different features on any future BOP rescues. Have learnt a little more since this one, and would agree with your ID of Brown Goshawk, not good enough yet to determine age. Thanks for commenting.

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