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Tasmania Trip

Hi guys

I am heading to Tasmania on the 2nd to the 6th of March to do the Pelagic at Eaglehawk Neck and to get some new species of birds.

I would love to hear from any locals on best places to get certain birds and even be happy to join you.

Please let me know so I can start organising accomodation.



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Hi Devster. Not too many of us Tasmanians here now I think. Unfortunately I will be away whilst you are here. Sue818 had some interesting finds. Pacman had a productive trip to an accomodation place called Inala on Bruny Island (got 11/12 endemic), but that is a journey itself, would probably need an overnight on the island, might be worth a phone call. Unfortunately can't be a lot of help, don't get out much these days. You should see Tasmanian Native Hens, Forest Ravens and Green Rosella on pretty much any country Road. Most of the other species can be found in eastern Australia. Might also be worth looking at the local Birdlife group or visiting their website.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks heaps Dale I will look into that.

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Last year at around this time, we saw Hooded Plovers at Four Mile Creek, shorebirds aplenty on Devonport foreshore, Flame Robins (both sexes) at Sideling Lookout on the A3 near Scottsdale (I think), Crescent Honeyeater at Strahan, Scarlet Robins at the Reservoir near Hobart. Dusky Robin seen south of Hobart near Cygnet. I also saw Pink Robin with Scarlet Robins at the Hells Gate dam area on another visit. Yellow Wattlebird also present in Bicheno when we were there. The Reservoir area was quite good if you are staying in Hobart. As mentioned above, some birds are quite easy to spot. Hope that helps a bit as it is what I can recall at present. Enjoy the trip


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Thanks heaps Sue.

I will look into it.

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