? Tiny hummingbird like chap in NE Victoria - with video

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? Tiny hummingbird like chap in NE Victoria - with video


Last night just after dusk I caught a glimpse of a tiny little bird, 3 to 4cm long feeding on a native frangipani on our garden just out of Wodonga. I managed to get some very average footage of it and put it up on YouTube. Slowed down to 25% playback speed there a few moments where it is clearly visable flitting about from flower to flower. We are blessed with a thriving population of native bird life but I have never seen a little guy like this. 

I would very much appreciate any thoughts.

Here is the link. Please excuse the audio. 


Thank you kindly


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Need someone more expert, but my thoughts are some sort of flying insect/moth. Unfortunately I cannot see the detail you describe. I am only viewing on an iPad, and for some reason can't view full screen. Will be interested to find the identity of your critter.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thank you Dale. Yeah, the footage is pretty awful. Its movement was similar to a dragonfly but it definitely had bird shape body and I'm 90% sure a single set of wings. I reckon the moth theory is out though. They are much more clumsy flyers, and the flash light didn't appear to be piquing is interest.

Thank you for your thoughts

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It is a hawk moth. Known for mimicking humming birds and feeding on flower nectar at dusk. 

If anyone is interested here is a video. Skip to around 2:30. Beautiful things


Thank you

Edit : I had some help from a Facebook group "Victorian birders" 

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