Traders of “red ivory” from rare birds are arrested in Indonesia

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Traders of “red ivory” from rare birds are arrested in Indonesia
Night Parrot
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Totally despicable. Not suprisingly the demand comes from China. If the unscrupulous Chinese traders had their way, every wild creature on earth (including their pandas) would be cooked as a delicacy or dried and pulversided to make medicines, tonics, aphrodisiacs, etc.  How do we shame them. How do we stop them.

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Concerning indeed, Night Parrot. 

It seems a crackdown on elephant ivory has resulted in a demand for alternatives.  

Interesting the article does not include a pic of a live bird, so here is one from Oriental Bird Images:

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What is the Chinese government doing to educate people that animal parts are not medicines? Or is the voodoo medicine industry too powerful to challenge? Or do government officials have a finger in the animal parts trade? What is the Australian government doing in the world trade arena to prevent such horrendous & idiotic behaviour? Which country will be first to introduce the crime of ecocide with appropriate penalties? Which country will be first to give top priority to the environment & all that it sustains, including us.


Sadly it won't stop I reckon, and the last ivory tusk will be the greatest and most expansive of them all....

The other day on TV I watched some Rissian property developer scoff the lasts drop of some great and rare Nepolian brandy. Last bottle, last drop, no more ever.  He sniffed it, sipped it once, and then down it all went.  He paind $5000 US for the experiance, all of which took less than a minute.  He said it was somethiing to savour, an experiance to remember as he sat there alone.  I just saw one big selfish bored dick, working hard on the thing that hangs off the front of his head.  But he has cash and so many people in the world new to money, nowdays have cash. 

So I suggest $50 000 to $100 000 to come and hunt a poacher for a week.  Huters from all over the world would love the "real-ness" of it. I just finished working at a house where the bloke is a hunter and has cash, and low and behold their is a Giraffe skin at the floor as a door mat.   These cashed up people are bored, and to hunt a poacher would be something new and perhaps the ultimate for them.  It would also provide jobs to the locals in a giuding role, and provide money to the area to help protect, or sustainably promote it for other uses.

Trouble is, and perhaps where it all starts, one would need to stop the Government from scimming 98% of the poacher fees by it's corrupt officials.  And the human rights mob would be hopping mad also.  And it won't stop the cashed up Chinesse ego's; but it would  slow trade enough for sustainable breeding to happen, and provide income for locals who live around the forrest.  It's gives them alternatives to cutting it down, or turning to poaching themselves.  It buys time for us to work out a better solution, or educate those that old tribal medican can't sustain itself in the modern world.     

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