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Tried to help

I was rock fishing last August at Hat Head on Mid North Coast when I noticed this bird with long fishing trace out of its beak and swivel at the end. The bird was shaking its head to dislodge the line and some blood was showing on the beak. I tried to help the bird by leaving fish bait until it got close enough to capture it using the net. After cutting the line at the beak I tried to release the bird only to find I broke its wing during capture. Did not realise how fragile birds are. The bird was passed on to wildlife rescue person who will take care of it. The bird had a band which resque person will pass on.  

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Thanks for trying, and of course caring. Unfortunatley this happens often, sometimes with a good outcome sometimes not so good. If he bird had remained in the wild, I would suggest it would have suffered a long an painful death. I assume the bird will have been humanely euthanised, which of course means it did not suffer any longer than it had to. Thanks again.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Excellent work, burchan.  

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