Trouble with seagulls..!!

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Trouble with seagulls..!!

We have a landfill near to our residence, and we had noticed the presence of seagulls there. Now the number of seagulls appearing there is increasing day by day. We have seen those seagulls eating from these landfills, and now we came to notice these seagull droppings near our surroundings. I have heard that large buildup of droppings may lead to structural damages and can pose a health risk to humans. Our neighbours are also facing the same problem with seagulls. As this is an issue for all of us, we are planning to hire seagull removal service immediately. I had already found several firms providing such professional services, but before making a final decision, I would like to hear from you. If you have any suggestions and opinions, please let me know. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, we live in a profligate, throwaway society where landfill sites still proliferate. Silver Gulls are scavengers so those sites provide great habitat. I doubt that a Silver Gull removal service will provide a long term solution to your problem which more likely lies in the closure of the landfill site while developing a society which is far less materialistic, much less addicted to money, which views food as a means of sustaining life &which is much more focused on producing goods that are necessary & long- lasting. And good luck with all that. 

Whether we can use our so-called intelligence to enable us to live in harmony with Silver Gulls is doubtful but one suggestion is for ratepayers to pay for the erection of giant cages to cover landfills so as to exclude Silver Gulls as well as rats, mice & other creatures. 

 In the meantime, I suspect we’ll continue to blame our wildlife for our own mistakes such as building suburbs near wetlands & then asking for frog-eradication so that people can sleep soundly at night. I imagine that if you & your neighbors arrived in your area before that landfill site then you would have every right to insist that your local council closes the site.

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