Tyrannica Magpie Masquerading as an Ibis in a Tux

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Tyrannica Magpie Masquerading as an Ibis in a Tux

Hello there all. A friend of the magpies, I noticed a familiar shape in the distance that didn't have the same colouring that I was used to. I walked closer, my eyes hadn't lied. This magpie was wearing half a tuxedo. 

Location is a court in the suburbs of Vermont South, Victoria. The bird was with a youngster at least a year old and

One side of its body is mostly white, with a normal coloured head. The other side is a normal black body with a white back, but it has a large white monocle. 

is this leucanism?  have no binoculars to check eye colour to confirm. Or is it something else? There's a few pics here

Apologies for such awful photos.

Thanks for any responses,

owly x


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In my limited experience I would say yes. I though eye colour changes only affected albinos but could be wrong

Alex Rogers
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Looks like leucism, as you say hard to confirm without looking at the eyes. Interesting pictures, thanks for posting

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wow, how interesting. thanks for posting, i had no idea about this.

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