Variegated or Red-winged Fairy-wrens?

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Variegated or Red-winged Fairy-wrens?

I have trouble working out whether these are Variegated or Red-winged Fairy-wrens.

Photo A was taken in Kings Park, Perth.

Photo B and C taken at Serpentine Dam. Perth.

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I stick my neck out. I think it is a Red-winged Faity-wren, simply because the photo is taken in WA, and that's the place you find them!


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Tough question mate

Considering the location overlaps Variegated, Red Wing and Blue brested areas.

I say the second photo is Red Wing Fairy Wren due to lighter blue crown and lighter ear converts.

The first one I couldnt say whether its blue brested or Variegated

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Nothing like confusing the issue but my thoughts (which could be entirely wrong)

1  a Variegated because of the lilac just noticable in the curve in front of the shoulder

2  The most difficult because I think the pale colour may be the over-exposure. So I suggest a Blue-breasted Fairy-wren as the chestnut shoulder patch is not extensive and the chest has a deep blue tinge. I could be entirely wrong and Laza may have it correct as I have not seen many of them.

3  a Splendid Fairywren in eclipse because of the blue tail and bluish wing

Remember this is just my opinion but I have tried to explain why I would come to that conclusion. Still a great discussion point.


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I showed the first photo to a guy at BirdLife Western Australia and he said it was a Variegated.

He did not see the other 2 photos but suggested the second could be a Red wing because of the locality.

I thought the 3rd was a Splendid too.

These Fairy Wrens make it so hard especially when you try to identify the females.

A good article at Birdlife Australia titled "Fifty shades of brown: identifying female fairy-wrens" is quite helpful but I still get lost.

Thanks friends for your feedback

Cheers Keith

Perth, West Australia

AJ Anderson
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1. Purple-backed (formerly variegated) Fairywren. 

2. Red-winged Fairywren.

3. Dull male Splendid Fairywren.

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