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Visiting Sydney

I am visiting Sydney over Easter and would like some birding advice. I am staying in Bondi and have started doing some research on parks and coast locations. Can anyone give me the must sees in Sydney?

I am then going to stay 3 nights further out into the country and would like some ideas on the best birding area.



Kestrels on the coast walk from Bondi to Maroubra. All the usual suspects at Centennial Park (ducks, swans, grebes, swampies. etc). Sydney Olympic Park, specifically the Liberty Grove wetlands but there are plenty more areas to explore. Mason Park wetlands (on the Concorde West side) also while you are there. On the North side Warriewood wetlands, Deep Creek and Long Reef.

Worth a quick look at Penrith river walk. Lot of good birding around Windsor/ Richmond and Wisemans Ferry.
Don't forget the Blue Mountains.

There are a few spots to check out, Hope you have a great time.

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Further out in the country could be Katoomba or Broken Hill. Maybe you could be a little more specific? :)

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