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Spent a day at the Werribee Wetlands and now struggling to identify the myriad of waders. Could do with any help offered. Will post a few groups.

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More guesses

Common Greenshank, (although I think they kinda look like Marsh Shandpiper)

Not sure on the little one flying in the first pic.... maybe a sharpie?


Dave, Sydney. 

Owl of Kedumba
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I find myself agreeing on Common Greenshank because of the slightly upturned bill but I'm not completely certain.

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Definitely Greenshanks, with a Sharpie in the 1st photo.

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To Dave, Owl and Steve....sounds like an Irish joke.....but thanks for your help. I put the pictures up hoping to get some wader expert tell me what they were. Guess you fellows are in the same boat as me. I'm a beginner and at times overwhelmed by the amazing similarity amongst waders to my untrained eye. I am slowly learning buty it is hard to be confident and as soon as you decide on something someone positively identifies it as something else....but guess that is how we learn, by making mistakes. I find this a terrific site for that purpose. I will now list what I thought my pictures were when I put them on...and what I now think they are. I will do this for each picture.....and certainly invite comment, someone proving me wrong or someone positively identifying a picture.      

This first one was over in the T Section Lagoons at Werribee. They were larger and different from the ones I had been observing. The bill shape and colouring led me to think that they were Greenshanks. happily you all seemed to agree so this seems pretty correct....and yes one sharpie in with the group flying.         

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