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Hi all. 

The below photographs were taken at Sydney Olympic Park. I have looked at past threads on some waders before, but just looking for some confirmation with these photographs. 

The first two photographs I believe to be mostly Sharp-Tailed Sandpipers ("Sharpies"). In the second photograph, one of the birds flying away has notably more yellow legs - is it possible that this is Pectoral Sandpiper in this case?

The third photograph I believe to be mostly Bar-Tailed Godwits. 

Thanks everyone. 



Can't help you much Dave - i think you are right with your ids.  

Not sure if the yellow legs are a good guide to distinguishing the pectoral SP from the sharp-tailed SP - PIzzey and Knight says for the Sharp Tailed SP "legs dull olive-yellow, yellow, or olive-grey"

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Cheers WD - I think most people prefer doing IDs on bush birds rather than waders, haha!

Dave, Sydney. 

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