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Watching from afar

Hi :)

I am coming to Brisbane for 6 weeks & would love to know where I could go to find birds.

I am from Canada & have never seen parrots in the wild so I'm a tad excited. Are there parks where birds hang out & I can watch & take pictures??

I will likely keep checking to see what is happening here even after I return home...... never know when I might get the chance to visit again!!

Thank you!!


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Hi Valerie and a very warm welcome. We (most of us i think) would love to see some birds from your backyard (or greater Canada). Although primarily an Australian site, we wont be upset if you can share a few photos as well.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Valerie, we're always interested in birds & bird events from other parts of the world - especially Canada, of course! But do enjoy the parrots when you get here. They're pretty & pretty special. 

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