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A Wave of a Wing

Hi All!

I'm new to the forum but not to birds. I'm no expert, however, OH and I have created a bird friendly garden of native trees and shrubs and adore watching the antics. We have two acres of garden surrounded by farmland and rainforest. We keep a record of all the birds who live in and visit our garden and since the trees and shrubs have grown so have the bird varieties and numbers :)

I've had a look at the beautiful photos many of you clever people have posted and am in awe!

Look forward to going through some more of the forum posts.

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Hi Feathertale, and welcome. Your garden sound wonderful. Can't wait to hear more about the birds in your garden , and if you have some photos, it would be nice to share them with all of us.


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Thanks Araminta! I'll do my best :)

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Welcome Feathertale - wonderful to have you here.

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Birds & other wildlife certainly add a huge dimension to a garden, Feathertale.

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