Welcome to the new photography sub-forum

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Welcome to the new photography sub-forum

Thank you all for your input into the photography section of the site. As I mentioned, I thought a subforum for everyone to discuss photography was needed. As was a section for people to post photos that they would like constructive critisism on as opposed to the general Best Photo section which will now be for people to simply post photos and accompanying stories that they would like to share. So here it is smiley For those who are looking to improve their skills, take advantage of the huge knowledge that some of our members have.


Despite being a sub-forum of the Best Photos section - it is also showing up on the home page. Not exactly sure why but it may just be a feature of Drupal forums - I will investigate...

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Thanks Holly it will be interesting to see how it goes

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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I'm looking forward to reading & participating as best I can, Holly. Thanks.


Us too as we already have got some great advise.

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It's always good for we photographers to join such a useful photography forums.


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I didn't know you'd added this. Thank you. It was actually through the Australian Photographers Forum that I found out about your forum quite some time ago. I imagine there must be members over there who are also members here.

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