What Is The Best Talking Parrot?

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What Is The Best Talking Parrot?


The Timneh Grey parrots, African Grey parrots, and Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are the types of parrots that talk

The Amazons and African Grey parrots have the largest human word’s vocabulary. Amazon parrots are also the best singers of human music.

The African Greys are the best medium-sized talking parrots. They are fluent speakers, not many of them do not speak on prompting. 

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The cockatoos and macaws also have talking abilities. They are also good at mimicking as they are too intelligent parrots. But their vocabulary is not as rich as that of African Greys and Amazons. 

Some small parrots like Alexandrines, Quakers, Jardines, and Electus, can also talk. They have a constrained vocabulary, however, Jardines can even learn phrases.  


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