What bird Please???

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What bird Please???

Hi There,

Would love to know what this little fellow is.  He flew into our window this afternoon & my daughter picked him/her up.  

He was fine & I let him go in the rose hedge outside & he flew off.

I have saved one of these before from one of the horse water troughs on a hot day.

They are absolutely the tiniest little things, only a couple of inches long, but seem to be quite resiliant despite their size.

I realise you can't see the whole body, but we couldn't let him go or he would have been flying round the house.

If it is any help for identification, we are in the Yarra Valley (live right behind the Helmeted HOneyeater reserve.


Amanda H.

PS  My first post.

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welcome to BIB

a young Yellow Thornbill


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Thanks Peter,

Will have to try & get some better pics, they are quick little things & don't sit still very long.

I tried identifying him from pics, he really didn't look to have yellow on him at all, more greyish underneath,& quite

green on the back.  Is this likely to be due to age???

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Not sure, but the streaking on the chin leads me to think Brown Thornbill?

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I 2nd that, Brown Thornbill.


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These guys live in the rose hedges we have & also the shrubby native undergrowth.

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just may be a Striated thornbill looking at the eye .

Brown thornbill has a red to chestnut brown eye .

See it!  Hear it!

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