What ground dweller bird is this?

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What ground dweller bird is this?


I am so curious about the identification of a recent bird visitor to my property.  I know of quite a few varieties in my area but I've never seen this one before.

It has super camouflage and even when I took a photo of it I couldn't see it in the picture and I was about 8 feet away from it.

It has a green/brown/yellow speckled chest, an insect eater beak, a warbler kind of tail (but bigger), brown wings and is speckled on its back with a pale green/brown.  It wasn't too scared as I was walking past it but ran under a low bush when I came too close. It ran quite quick, which gave me the impression that it would prefer to run than fly.  It had a mate, which looked the same as it.

I'm aware of the many female bower birds who frequent my garden but this bird was a different variety.  It was smaller than a female bower bird and the camouflage was about 5 times better.

It was searching amongst the leaf litter.  I thought it may be a Ground Thrush but the pictures in a book I've got aren't close enough.

Any ideas what this bird could be? 

Thank you!

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A bassian thrush?

P.S. Where are you?

Olinda, Victoria, Australia


Thank you soakes.  I just looked at an internet image for the Bassian thrush and that is the bird I was wanting to identify.

I'm in the Shoalhaven area, NSW.  

You know your birds.  Much appreciated.

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