When do birds leave the nest?

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When do birds leave the nest?

What determins at what time young birds leave the nest for the first time? The Wren Babies are still in the nest, but they are very vocal and should come out soon. What makes them come out of the nest? Can the mother hold them back on a day like today, when it's cold and rainy? Do they come out when they think it's right, no matter what?

Does anyone know the answer to my questions?

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good questions

but sorry I can not help


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Hi Araminta. I've just done a quick browse through the nesting section of Morcombe's field guide & it seems for each species there's a fairly defined incubation period & then a fairly defined period before the chicks leave the nest. I would imagine that it's a maturation thing: when the chicks are mature enough (e.g., they have enough strength in their wings) they fly the nest. I don't know if parents are sensitive to conditions (e.g., freezing temperatures) which might determine the chicks' survivability & which might mean the parents would discourage them from leaving the nest.  

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