Which Bird is this Nth East Vic thanks

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Which Bird is this Nth East Vic thanks


Just wondering if anyone can pls assist.

This bird has olive wings, a white belly, a fantail, a black head with a white stripe around the eyes but I don't think it goes all the way around ( like connecting at the back of the head) He seems to be big he likes to bop as he walks and spin around on the fence looking for insects.

There is a huge gumtree that he likes to hang out in, the area is going to be redeveloped and I'm concerned it's a endangered honeyeater, I love all the birds that live there!

I've tried to upload a photo but they are too large.

Thanks and regards


Ps we are Nth East Vic.

Alex Rogers
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Hi Jen - just re-size the picture down to 500k using Paint or any picture editor, and then you will be able to post it, and we can have a crack at identifying it for you :-) 

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Thank you yes I've uploaded some, Apologies  Sorry for the quality, I had to grab my phone and take them through the kitchen window at a bit of a distance, he is tricky to see. I'm pretty sure it's a honeyeater just don't know which one. 

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Blue-faced Honeyeater

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Thanks (:

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