Which bird is this?

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Which bird is this?

We have a small backyard so i have a few mirrors to give the illusion of space.

This bird has been visiting for about 1yr.

It has a very complicated song as it talks to the other bird in the mirror. 

It is also shy and fast. This footage was captured on a jury rigged dashcam.

What is it? And am i harming it in any way by having the mirrors?

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Female Satin Bowerbird ? As always happy to be corrected. The mirrors may trick the bird into thinking there is competition about, not sure if it will cause any harm or not. We have Superb Fairy Wrens (male) who are constantly bickering with that other good looking male in the mirrors on the car! Good to watch, but a pain to keep the car clean this time of year. Wife puts a cloth over the mirror, which seems to keep them away, just need to remember to remove before driving off.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Hi Helen. Personally, I’d make things as natural as possible for the birds. Mirrors can fool birds into thinking there’s competition to fight off so they expend lots of energy doing that instead of foraging, breeding & raising their young. 

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Definitely a female Satin Bowerbird, as you suggest Dale.


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