Whistling Kite Young

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Rick N
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Whistling Kite Young

Vistited some Whisling Kites that I haven't seen for a few months and happy to see that it looks like they have reared three chicks.

Grainy and from a long away away but sure is cute.

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Naww, what a cutie. smiley Second one is just fantastic!


Great parents, very hard work keeping three of them well fed.

Agree with windshear, #2 is a classic.

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Great stuff, top pics.

 I have just located a Whistling kite nest and am hoping to document in photos the raising of some chicks over the coming breeding season smiley

Rick N
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Thanks all,
Saturnv78, that would be fantastic, can't wait to see the development.

Annie W
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Oh very cute indeed.  Boy, three young ones, that would have been a hard slog for mum & dad keeping up with food for them.  There's something very endearing about "big" babies, moving towards their parents' size but still dependant on them for a lot.  These are fantastic Rick, just wonderful.

I wish you luck too saturnv78, that would be a great event to observe.

West Coast Tasmania

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Great find Rick..... love the perfect pose in the 2nd one especially

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