Whistling kite attacking WBSE

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Whistling kite attacking WBSE

Today I found a black-shouldered kite and was standing around waiting for it to come back (and hopefully closer). An immature white-bellied sea-eagle flew over me, then a whistling kite appeared and started attacking it. It was amazing to see.


Absolute ripper shots Birdgirl, what a sight it must have been.

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Wow!  I'm speechless.  Fantastic pics!

Brisbane southside.

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Thank you. It was an incredible sight and I was out in the open too, not in the car, so I could move freely to track them. They were too busy fighting to notice me.

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Awesome. It must have been entertaining!! ^_^

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But quite another thing to hold your hand steady enough with the camera. I'm with everyone else's comments above, but I think Elle has the word - "Awesome!"

I've succumbed to the birding bug!
Alice Springs, NT

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Very interesting pictures, Birdgirl2009!



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High drama in the skies!

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Great to see these unusual action photos. Thanks for sharing. What size lens were you using please? I suppose the birds were a fair way up but must have fallen through the air to some extent during their battle?

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Hi Maureen 100-400 mm lens set on 400. I'm not very good at estimating heights and distances but they might have been 20-30 m up and the photos have been cropped so you can see the action

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Kim, those photos leave me speechless,( and it it takes a lot to shut me up).

I can't even make up my mind to pick one over the other, they are all amazing.


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Thanks M-L. I was hoping you'd see them. You seem to enjoy the BOP the most of anyone. I can't tell you what a thrill it is to see something new when I go out and have something different to share so I don't bore everyone by mostly posting BOP. Did you see that the same morning I was watching a black-shouldered kite and waiting for it to come closer before these 2 appeared? The amazing thing was that I was out of the car and they were too focussed on each other to care about me. And I was just about to pack up when a bird flew over me that I thought at the time was a little falcon but appears to be my very first peregrine falcon!!!!!! Then I looked over in the distance and saw a swamp harrier too! What a morning! All this happened in 1 1/2 hours

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