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Rick N
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White Fronted Chat

Saw these guys this morning and it reminded me of a recent post on where to find them. I have only seen them once before along the edges of a wetland, these guys where in samphire marshland adjacent a mangrove system. Quality not so good as they were a long way away and very hard to approach, bit like a pipit with no cover around.Bead Samphire

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Nice photos, we have a lot of them around here but they don't make it easy, most of my Wf Chat photos where taken while after something else usually when I go out looking for them they just seem to know and keep there distance, can be very frustrating I think the best way is to set up somewhere you know they frequent and wait for them to come to you ,I lack the attention span for this and could not sit in a hide for more than ten minutes ,I have heard that call play back works on them.

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Don't go looking for them in the bush. In the first two years of our revegetation project they were seen in grassland on our place (20 km from the nearest water, apart from a couple of farm dams) & even nested near the bottom of a young Southern Cypress Pine Callitris preissii. But their numbers declined until 2004 when the last one was seen.

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