White birds and feather details

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White birds and feather details

I am sure there are few of us who often get frustrated getting the best results with white feathers. I would like to have opinions from the experts regarding their technique - both on the field and post-processing. I suppose both are important.

I am posting a few images to share my frustrations !!

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Hey Nahar, you just need to make sure you are exposing so that minimal white detail is lost in the histogram. Shooting RAW is a must if you want to bring out the most detail possible with whites and I usually take a test shot or two of the bird so I can change my exposure accordingly.

Cheers, Owen.

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As per Owen said, except to make it clearer do not clip the right side of the histogram, watch for blinking highlights during image review on the LCD. If you don't understand what a histogram does and how to use it, do some web searching and you will greatly benefit. Additionally, stop shooting whites once the sun is up high. It makes retaining detail and texture hard and it's easy to blow them. Shooting white birds in overcast conditions (other than really early or late in the day) is a God-send. :-)

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