White-browed scrubwren?

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White-browed scrubwren?

I have 2 photos of what could be a white browed scrubwren taken remotely with a camera trap. Both were hunting on/near the ground, one along the river, the other in woodland setting.  One is a little confusing in that it has quite a yellow chest while the other one doesn't. I had considered the yellow chested one as a yellow throated scrubwren but both birds have correct woite wing markings for white-browed scrubwren. They were taken adjacent to the Abercrombie River National Park in Central Tablelands NSW. Help please??

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Both definite White-browed Scrubwren... dark face bordered by white supercilium & white submoustachial stripe plus white fringes at shoulder. The colour of the underparts can vary from whitish to yellowish. Yellow-throated Scrubwrens do not have that submoustachial stripe but have a very yellow throat. My confusion is the streaking on the underparts of the first  Scrubwren as it seems too heavy for the subspecies expected around Abercrombie Caves area.


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