White-faced Herons

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White-faced Herons

Today I noticed two White-faced Herons in a tree. They seemed to be a breeding pair, one of them was in the process of building a nest. I wasn’t very close, but still decided to give it a shot.

Only just now, having a closer look at the photos, did I notice one of the birds has a stream of blood coming out of its nose.

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While I was taking photos of the Herons, I hadn't noticed this Pacific Black Duck, it was right infront of my feet and didn't move. As you can see , the reflections in the sun make it blend in perfectly. The duck seemed to know that and stayed absolutely still.



Nice work Araminta.

Love the pose in teh first one stretching forward out of that tree.

Duck must have been enjoying the warmth of the sun and thought you didnt look threatening at all.

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Lovely photos! I wonder what happened to it's nose? Maybe they had a disagreement about where to build the nestwink

The duck looks very comfy.

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