White-fronted Chats

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Rick N
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White-fronted Chats

Found these guys yesterday and took some advice from a BIB member posted some time ago " let them come to you ". Much more effective than trying to chase the flighty buggers smiley

They were so busy collecting food that it was difficult to get a shot of them without a beakful of juicy bit and pieces.

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Lovely photos Rick. Love the crispness! :)

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Fourth shot with the dark background is a cracker.

Samford Valley Qld.


Great photos ... thanks for sharing

Annie W
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Always think these are such a beautiful finely featured bird.  Well done with your fruitful capture tactic Rick.  All fantastic cracker shots, I'm especially drawn to #3, love the light and compostion in that just for starters.

West Coast Tasmania

Rick N
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Thanks all. Was magic just to sit and watch them scurrying through the samphire hunting the insects.

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