White-plumed Honeyeater

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White-plumed Honeyeater

These guys are always around but they seem to be even more active at the moment

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good pic, the RH bird is poking its tongue at you


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I was trying to imitate there calls I think its commenting on my efforts

Rick N
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Lovely shot. Cute little Honeyeater poking his tongue out smiley


Thats a great shot - the ones i see are normally busy in the foliage, they look wonderful in your photo on that branch against that blue sky.

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Nice shot indeed! Maybe WPHs don't like Sparrows?

Annie W
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Brillian shot sparrow.  The bird on the right seems to be saying "you missed a bit, right there" - although you'll have to read that outloud with your tongue out to really live the moment laugh.  Do you find other Honeyeaters in general more active through Autumn where you are sparrow?  I only ask as as been going through a few of my photo's recently and finding the bulk of my Honeyeater shots of any species are around April through to August last year, and mostly in suburbia.

West Coast Tasmania

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Yes the ones that are here all year round like the White plumed and New hollands and so on are going nuts chasing each other around ,I normally don't take photos of them unless I see them out in the open I have so many shots of them already.

July to september seems to be the best time around here for the ones I want to get better photo of this year I'm going to get a decent photo of a White fronted and a Spiny cheeked or die trying !

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I just love these birds though I have never seen one, You have done a top job on these two.... perfect timing with the tongue too and against a beautiful blue sky.... that is unusual

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